Benjamin D. Roberts

Benjamin D. Roberts is a photographer based out of the Southern Coast of Maine. Growing up on the border of Western Maine and New Hampshire, the White Mountains cultivated a passion for hiking, snowboarding, and a love of  nature. 
    While visiting his Aunt in Holland one summer, a single question changed his perspective on the world of photography. When she noticed him looking around at all the sights with total fascination and amazement in his eye, she asked simply, "Why aren't you taking pictures of all of this?"
     It wouldn't be until years later after moving to the Southern Maine coast that the comment would echo again and he would finally pick up a camera and find his true passion. 

       Benjamin now uses his camera to capture the fleeting moments of beauty, power, and emotion he finds in Maine and around the World. His style is unique -- always searching for shots and angles not taken by others. Benjamin's goal with each image is to tell a story. Many times he spends weeks planning, scouting, and mapping a location and waiting patiently for the perfect moment before ever taking a single photograph.


Benjamin was first introduced to art through the Dutch painting masters, Rembrandt and Van Gogh. Their use and understanding of light and shadow to tell stories with their art is a major influence on Benjamin's photography. Benjamin is also influenced by the works of photographers such as Ansel Adams with his concept of "visualization" and Fan Ho who used light, shadow and symmetry to tell dramatic stories of Hong Kong city life.